Sat July 11, 2020

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Commonly Asked Questions:

> 1.What is the cost for full access to
> 2.Why is there a cost to get full access to

> 3.How do I upload my picture to my profile?
> 4.When I upload my picture, it doesn't show up in my profile. Why?

> 5.I would like to see the membership agreement, where is it?
> 6.I would like to see the privacy statement, where is it?
> 7.How do I contact

1• $5.95 per month for full access to member profile contact information (such as email address, mailing address etc. - if entered by member),chat rooms, message board signature, and a 5MB size email address "". There are additional membership levels that give you a larger email box, $9.95/month for 10MB & $17.95/month for 20MB. All will full access to other site features. 2• As the site continues to rapidly grow, we must purchase additional hardware, software and upgrades. We are a very small company, so without a low fee for full access, we would have no revenue.

3• You can upload your picture here.

4• supports pictures in either .JPG or .JPEG and .GIF only. Your picture may have been in some other format. Please save your image in either of these formats. Also, your picture file must not be larger than 75 kb.

5• The Membership Agreement can be found here

6•'s Privacy statement can be found here

7• Comments or questions about this site? Contact WebMaster1.
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